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When it comes to buying or selling your home, you need a specialist.

Buying a home, land, or other property can be daunting and stressful. However, with PRES, you can start to relax. We’ve gone through this process thousands of times. No matter if you’re a first time buyer or have done this before, it helps to have trusted professionals by your side at every stage of the process.
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Residential Real Estate Services

Our real estate professionals have been helping clients get the best deals since 2012. You can trust our team members to help you make the right decision.

Whether you are buying or selling your house, understanding the real market value is crucial for a successful real estate transaction.

Tax Appeals

Get a property valuation together with comparable properties so the county can correct their assessment and lower your property tax.

Coordinating Due Diligence

Sometimes a home inspection isn’t enough and other professionals need to be involved. We will help you identify the best home inspectors in your area.


When it comes to selling your property, exposure is key. Get the most exposure on your property with the right placement and the right representation.

Property Access

Get access to every property for sale in Utah regardless of the price or location of the property you are interested in.


Whether you or your company needs to lease or purchase land or a building, we have agents that specialize in commercial real estate that would love to help.

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